Kamden Jo. + Life Update


Hello! I feel like it’s been a very long time since I’ve sat down and blogged (because it has). Life has been both crazy and amazing lately. My nephew Kamden was born 11/23/15  (his daddy’s birthday!) at 9:25pm. 7lbs 12oz 20 inches long and absolutely perfect. It was a nerve racking and LONG day at the hospital. We arrived at about 6am and he wasn’t born until 9:25pm. Poor baby had a long and stressful birth which made him need some extra care in the NICU 😦 poor thing was all hooked up to oxygen to help him breathe steadily. He’s still in the NICU but is making HUGE improvements by the hour. He’s such a strong willed little guy already. I’m so in love with him & my sister did amazing during her delivery. I said if I’m half as calm and positive as she was, I will be happy. Hoping and praying baby Kamden will be able to go home by this weekend! The nurses are amazing at their job, and he is in the best hands. Here’s some pictures of this sweetie pie!

That hair! In love. I can’t wait to watch him grow up and be a part of his little life! ❤ As for non-baby related news, It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I’m so excited to have 4 days off! I’ve been getting little to no sleep lately so I’m going to soak up every ounce I can get over this break! Wishing you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving!

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