8 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge: Week 2!

Week 2: Your spouse/significant other.

Oh I am excited for this one ❤

Lets start from the beginning. My fiance’s name is Everett. FIRST of all, I adore his name. I was instantly drawn to him because of his name. We have been dating since May 25th, 2012 and are getting married October 7th, 2016! (just under 2 months.. EEEK!)

We met freshman year of college. We both went to the Art Institutes of Minneapolis and studied Graphic Design. We were in the same typography class, and at the time I had a boyfriend (a very shitty self-absorbed boyfriend). According to Everett he had his eye on me for awhile but was too shy to talk to me. I first noticed him in the lounge on campus. He was sleeping in a chair in between classes and I remember thinking to myself “he is really cute… isn’t he in one of my classes?” so anyways I was eyeing him down as he was sleeping… (creepy? maybe.)

I remember being really drawn to him and thinking it was weird because he was NOT the type I usually went for. He was blonde hair, blue eyed and really shy.. and every guy I dated previously had dark hair, dark eyes.. and a big outgoing jerk.

A few weeks later things went VERY south with my boyfriend. He had been dating me on the side and had a girlfriend of 2 YEARS back at home in California. (hahahahahahah ok so at the time I was super upset but now it just cracks me up how big of an idiot this guy was) So things got cut real fast with him.. and I decided to facebook message this cutie I now had my eye on from typography class. So we exchanged numbers.. and I hate to say the rest is history.. but really… the rest is history! We haven’t spent more than 3 days apart ever since.

Everett is the most patient and loving guy ever. He is everything I never knew I needed. I think its so crazy how he’s so opposite of everything I dated before and he’s exactly what I needed. It was pretty instant. They say “when you know, you know”and all those cliche things.. well for me it was true. I feel so lucky to have him and I can’t believe I’m going to be his WIFE!

I tell my single friends that it happens when you least expect it and to never settle. I went through some bad guys and got to thinking I would never find “the one” and then within a few weeks my life changed.


So that’s our story ❤ nothing excites me more than the thought of the next 60+ years with him. I love hearing love storys. Tell me yours below! 🙂

Alright enough of the mushy gushy love story. HAPPY THURSDAY FRIENDS! Just one more day ’till the weekend 🙂


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My First Post!

Well, here we are! I finally took the dive and started a blog. For almost a year now I’ve been wanting to, and now felt like the right time. For starters let me introduce myself. My name is Jaclyn and I’m from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I adore Minnesota. Yes, the winters are long (much too long), and come February every year I ask myself why I still live here.. but let me tell you it’s SO worth it. Between the beautiful summers at the lake, crisp colorful Autumns, and sparkling Christmas snow, I could never leave. I graduated college this past June, and since then I’ve found myself questioning what I want to do with my life (something I think everyone goes through at this point in their lives). I earned my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institutes International Minneapolis and now work in the IT department at Medtronic.. complete 180 I know, I know. Although the job I currently do is no where near my “dream job” I like to think this will eventually lead me to a more creative place within the company because it really is a wonderful place to work. Back to why I’m starting this blog.. I’m going through so many changes in my life and think this will be an awesome place for me to capture memories, have a creative outlet, and meet like-minded people. I’m SO excited!

A little about me:

  • I have 3 sisters who are my best friends. (no, really we are inseparable… we even work together)
  • I have a absolutely wonderful boyfriend of 3.5 years who treats me like a princess and I’m forever grateful for.
  • I dream of someday becoming an awesome cook…someday.
  • I love exploring outdoors. Most weekends Everett and I find ourselves grabbing a coffee and wandering around.
  • I love to read! Send me your book recommendations! I hope to blog a lot about what I’m reading.
  • I collect coffee mugs!

I’m so excited to start blogging more!